When urine is allowed to remain on a carpet or other material for a month or more it begins to bond itself to the fibers. Mother Nature then begins the...


If you are able to lift the carpet, spray sides as well as the padding and floor. In fact, spray everything that appears to be contaminated. This may include...


For standard rugs, simply spray both top and bottom thoroughly and walk on the rug to penetrate the fibers. Wait 2 days and repeat. Oriental Rugs...


Leather is not very porous and in many cases the contamination will have flowed right off the surface. In this case just spray Anti-Icky-Poo on the leather...

Clothing, Fabrics and Materials

For machine washable fabrics only, for top load washers or tub submersion, add clothing to your top loading washer or into a tub for soaking. Put in clothing...

Clothing Furniture, Bedding and Drapes​

Spray a generous supply of the bacterial enzyme solution directly on the fabric. For deeper penetration, work the bacterial enzyme solution in with your...

Wood Furniture​

Simply spray the bacterial enzyme solution directly on the surface and leave it alone.

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