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MisterMax P-Bath® is the pet industry’s leading standard pet urine pre-treat condition for previously cleaned upholstery, carpets and other fabrics. This product is available at retailers in the United States and Canada.

For carpet, upholstery or fabric that has been previously cleaned with disinfectants or other chemicals.

Brings contaminants within a PH range preferred by MisterMax bacterial solutions.

Neutralizes any quaternary disinfectants that may be present in the fibers. Cuts urine salts in face yarns for increased removal by cleaning Helps stabilize urine affected dyes prior to cleaning P-bath® is anionic and tends to reset the coating of stain-resist fibers. Full strength, it can be used to correct sticky residues caused by the error of previous cationic treatments to these fibers.

All ingredients are selected for compatibility with MisterMax bacterial solution, making MisterMax solutions work even better with improved consistency in overall results.

Environmentally Safe

Pet Safe

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