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MisterMax Manufacturer of Anti-Icky-Poo Official Site

MisterMax™ was formed in 1984 with objectives to provide for the care of textiles.  Initially, the service was devoted to the cleaning of upholstered furniture, draperies, carpeting and other fabrics on location.  Our goal was to provide a quality of professional services at a level within the top ten percent of the fabric care industry.  Over a period of time, services offered expanded to include sales, installations, repairs, dyeing, flood restoration, and odor-control.

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Winter Time Tips


MisterMax Stain Remover:

Spray the stain with a generous amount of the MisterMax Stain Remover ™ take a damp Clean white cloth like a wash cloth or a terry cloth and put a heavy object ( a gallon of Anti-Icky-Poo) On the cloth just walk away come back a couple of hours later and lift the cloth you will amazed at Work it has done on your stain.  If it is not all gone you can repeat the process or simply do a little scrubbing and it should be gone.


MisterMax Anit-Icky-Poo:

Have a small urine accident simply spray a generous amount of Anti-Icky-Poo on the spot walk on it With your shoes then walk away 2 days later spray again and that’s all there is too it. Now for heavier urine problems just consult out treatment guide or call 1-800-745-1671.

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